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Chartwell Scarlett Heights
Friday, 19. April 2019 03:11 PM  Write a comment

I recently attended Premek's concert, when visiting Michel; it was wonderful and enjoyed by all.
Of course, what was especially nice for all of the residents, was that he can sing in so many languages, so he sang in Greek for Katy, in Italian for Gennaro, in French for Michel, in German, Russian, etc. It was moving and touching for me to see some of the residents who rarely show any emotion to be so animated! Gennaro was smiling and engaged. Katy sang "Never on Sunday". Hilda was weaving in her wheelchair and moving her hands. At the end, Michel said in a loud voice, "That was fantastic". Everyone said, "Play more!".
Another nice thing was that the volume was just right; the sound was perfect.
A lovely event!"
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