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Jeffrey M. Freedman 
Toronto/New York/Los Angeles
Monday, 30. September 2002 08:00 PM  Write a comment

Premek played at my art show opening. His music gave life and color and meaning to the art work. His Russian folk songs particularly make me emotional because of my Russian-German heritage. His Czech disposition is very soulful. Everything about him, including his beard, is very original. I run into him at Starbucks occasionally. Even there his presence can turn a tall, dark drip into a very moving and memorable experience. He also played and sang at my cousin's childrens' bus and bar-mitzvah. He can perform the folk songs and cherished ballads of numerous countries, not to mention his sacred repertoire. You would almost think he had multiple personalities but I can tell you he is a certifiable Czech. I recommend him to everyone. I don't think there is anyone like him. Thank you, G-d.
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