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Justyna & Filip Kotynia 
Wednesday, 6. November 2002 11:39 PM  Write a comment

Our life is dotted with many important events that bring change to our everyday life. Marriage is such an event. What better manner to accentuate this special event than with music that touches ones soul. Premek performed at both our Church and reception ceremonies. His rendition of The Wedding Song, Romance and Ave Maria brought tears to our eyes and the eyes of our special guests. His music helped love and romance to flow freely through the church. At our wedding reception, he attended with his guitar to every table playing whatever the guests requested. This helped to underline the importance of our special guests.
Even now when we hear the music and songs that were performed during our wedding day we transcend time and are brought back again to that wonderful time. That is the beauty of music.
But words are empty, I cannot describe how ones soul is brought to life by music. You have to get your hands wet for yourself to know what water feels like. We both strongly encourage you, you won't regret it.
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